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Thursday, May 17th 2012

9:26 PM

Little cums


Related article: Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 23:11:15 +0000 From: Kevin Berry Subject: Charlie's Secret Heartache pt9This is a little kdz xxx Lost fan-fiction story. The rights to these characters belong to and are copyright protected by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof and I am using them without permission. Please send feedback to kgberrywritinghotmail.co.uk , it would be very much appreciated!Now, please sit back and enjoy...Charlie's Secret Heartache pt9Jack was on button duty, which had now (amongst a select group of trusted Survivors) doubled up as 'watch-the-prisoner' duty. He was feeling lonesome for Charlie, and was very bored. He played with the spoon in his cereal bowl, stirring the last bits of milk at hairy little nudes sex free little the bottom as he sat on a stool by the breakfast counter in the hatch. His mind wandered, and landed at the pleasing topic of how he and Charlie had first got together. He had foolishly little girls petticoat been little nude teens wanking at the computer desk, although to be fair he had never been caught doing it before, and Charlie had walked in on him. He had instantly felt a strong sympathy for Charlie, who turned bright red at the sight of their leader, Jack, being caught with his pants down; then that sympathy had turned into a strange attraction and he followed Charlie into the shower room to confront him about his emotions, just the way his Dad had confronted him when he caught the boy Jack masturbating one time. That had turned him on too. Jack knew that he had come out stronger after his Dad treated him that way - and Charlie had little boys sexe too. Now they had a glorious, little russians pics secret, dangerous love affair going on, and Jack loved it.His hand reached down and stroked his stiff dick in his jeans. Man, was he ready for a wank right now. As he touched himself, Jack realised Charlie would soon be ready for the next step in his sexual journey. Jack wanted it too, in fact he had longed for it ever since that blowjob in the shower, ever since he had seen Charlie's beautiful fat prick. He wanted Charlie to accept his new sexuality by confirming it in the final stage.His legs swayed side to side as little girl tetas he sat on the stool, gently pleasuring himself at the thought. Yeah, that was good, he thought and his legs twitched faster and his hand squeezed his balls through the thick material of his trousers. He imagined Charlie was squeezing his balls, beautiful blue eyes staring into his, lips kissing his neck like he loved to, and stroking his strong chest. The doctor's hand reached into his T-shirt and he gently tugged on his nipples, turning him on even more, so he reached into his trousers and stroked his long, thick dick through his briefs."Yeah..." he breathed quietly. He stroked the head through the soft fabric and longed for Charlie's tongue to be doing the same. Jack unzipped his fly and let his cock out, relieving the pressure of his jeans, and began to stroke it, sitting in the kitchen area, the idea of being caught by Kate or Sawyer turning him on even more. He got lost in a fantasy of Charlie sucking him right there in the kitchen, licking his balls and sucking up his liquid precum."Jack!" a voice called. Henry Gale's voice. Jack deflated at the sound. "Jack, you there?""Yeah I'm here, Henry." Feeling oddly empty, he put away his man tool and zipped up."I need to go to the bathroom," he called.Jack rolled his eyes, stood and rearranged his fat, stiff cock in his briefs so it would be less obvious to Henry. He felt aroused again as his hand moved across the soft material. He walked over to Henry's makeshift cell, helped him up and led him to the bathroom, thinking non-stop about his interrupted fantasy. Henry stood by the toilet, a little more bashful than he had been the last few times. Jack could sense something wrong in his prisoner's attitude."Well, you know the procedure," Henry droned, eyeing Jack. "You know this is completely unnecessary," he indicated to his bindings, "I'm not exactly prone to killing people when I'm not tied up.""We'll decide what's safe, Henry," Jack replied. As a doctor, he was quite used to helping other men use the bathroom, and was completely unabashed at reaching for Henry's little drummer boy crotch. But this time was different, and he felt excited at the idea."I did tell you, you don't need to do this," Henry said as Jack removed the trousers and briefs, and his hand felt around his soft cock."Come here," Jack said. He reached around Henry's body, past the restraints. He pushed his crotch into Henry's ass. His cock was still stiff, and rested in the crevice between cheeks. He took Henry's dick in hand, and squeezed the silky soft foreskin gently, aiming for the bowl. The smell of his dick hung in the air, gently arousing them. Henry closed his eyes at the feeling.The small, fat dick in his little russians pics hand burst into a thick stream of urine. Jack was still horny and this, somehow, was turning him on wet little even more, the idea of having a man's penis in his hand while he peed, the breaking of the taboo of watching him doing it. He stepped a little closer."Henry," Jack murmured in his ear. He pushed his stiff little nude teens cock, through his jeans, up against his bare ass, gently swaying his hips. He couldn't help himself. He was too desperate for Charlie. He longed to have Charlie's cock in his hand, to hold his body like he was little thai porn holding Gale. As the pee stopped, he cupped Gale's balls and began to softly masturbate the flaccid flesh. "Ever had a guy do this to you before?" Jack asked."Never," Henry replied. He was breathing slowly and enjoyed the experience of Jack on his dick as it stiffened.Jack pulled and tugged on Gale's ball sac and played with his cock, altering the pace between fast and slow. The warm skin against his little nubiles hands, the loose foreskin sliding, lubricated with precum. His cock gently pleasured itself in the cradle of Henry's ass.Soon, Henry's breathing became fast and he began to make high moaning noises. Instinctively, Jack slowed his pace and the moans drew out."You've no idea how much I need this," Henry admitted. He had been a prisoner for nearly a week and had an unusually high sex drive even before being locked up, restrained and unable to wank."Oh I think I do," Jack replied, loving every sweetly forbidden moment.He picked up his pace and Henry's knees gave way. Jack held him up with his left forearm as he pumped and relieved his prisoner's stress, his ass resting over his pulsing cock.Suddenly, Henry let out, "Oh! Oh Jack, I'm going to come, I'm - uh!"Henry's come flew a few inches and landed on the toilet seat and into the bowl with a 'plink'. Jack let go the man's five inch dick and pulled up his trousers over the semi-hard flesh. He led Gale back to his cell, then returned to the bathroom and quickly jacked off himself, adding to the mess of cum before wiping it up. He felt guilty, almost as if he had betrayed Charlie by molesting and masturbating Gale. But he was only doing him a favour, right?Later on, Charlie came to visit. Jack had to explain the whole 'Henry Gale is a secret' situation to him before he let anything on about their secret relationship within earshot of the prisoner."But teens little I didn't tell you any of this, and if anyone does let on, you don't know OK?""OK," Charlie replied, shrugging. He would do anything to keep his relationship with Jack healthy."Now what was it you wanted to tell me?" Jack went on."How did you know I had something to tell?" Charlie replied, confusedly tilting his head to one side."I can see it in your eyes," Jack said, grinning. He was careful to have walked them out of Gale's earshot, and they stood in the passage near where the computer ticked away. "But what's wrong," he went on. He stroked Charlie's arm to comfort him.Charlie gained strength from Jack's gentle touch, but lowered his gaze."I'm really sorry Jack. I didn't mean to I -" he took a breath. He had to say it or he'd go crazy with the pressure. "I sucked off Sawyer. And he... kind of sucked me."Jack let out a low, slow breath. He looked away from Charlie when he looked up to see his response. Charlie felt the shame and guilt in him once again, but a weight had at least lifted from his chest."I won't ever do it again," Charlie pleaded. "I'm sorry, I really am."Jack hadn't been expecting this. "I gotta say, I er... well I haven't been faithful to you. Not really. I whacked off Henry Gale.""You what? You got right in there, didn't you?" Charlie joked. He smiled a beautiful, schoolboy grin. "I little teenie porn still love you," he added."I guess we've forgiven each other then," Jack little teen fucking replied. He didn't think it would be this simple, but he figured that it was just the way their relationship was always going to be: the bit on the side, no matter how much he wished it could be otherwise.Charlie moved forwards and kissed Jack passionately on the lips, holding him tight in his embrace."Thank you," he whispered over Jack's lips. "I love you, Jack.""Just try not to do it again, OK? I love you Charlie, but I don't want to share you." Jack didn't know where the words little girl free came from, because he knew it would never be so. Some deep seated virtue in him put them in his mouth, and he little drummer girl couldn't unspeak them now."What about Claire?" he asked. He still had feelings for Claire."That's allowed, it's not the same with women," he said, and squeezed Charlie's ass, pulling him close so their bodies touched and their crotches rubbed together in their trousers. They leaned against the wall as Charlie put his mouth against Jack's, his tongue slipped inside, circling and playfully wrestling with Jack's. Charlie pulled of the kiss, and pressed his lips against Jack's neck sucking on the rough skin, his beard bristling against it. He felt his prick stiffen in his briefs as he breathed in Jack's scent, and Jack's hardness ground against his own.Jack lay one hand on Charlie's head. He ran his other down Charlie's back and into his trousers, squeezing on the soft ass cheeks through his briefs. Charlie rubbed on Jack's firm pecs through his T-Shirt, and pulled on his large, covered nipple."We can't do this here," Jack whispered into Charlie's ear as he kissed his lower stubble. His cock was hard and demanded attention once again, even though he had whacked off earlier, he knew that now he was with Charlie, he would get equally horny once again."I know," Charlie replied, pulling off and gazing amorously into Jack's deep brown eyes. You could get lost for hours in those hazel depths. "Where can we go?"Jack looked from Charlie to the store cupboard door and back."The store room? You kidding?" Charlie asked, glee lighting up his face."Not kidding. Let's go," Jack replied. He pulled on Charlie's arm and led him over to the shelf-filled room. He felt like a horny teenager, secretly making love to little kdz xxx his crush when no-one was around.They walked in to the dingy room where Kate had once been held prisoner by Desmond. In the middle of the room, Jack embraced Charlie in his arms, kissed him on the lips and stroked his hair. Then he ran his hands down Charlie's body, affectionately, and lifted his purple T-Shirt over his head. He looked good in his blue jeans with his chest bare. His cute pecs were gently strong; his stomach was smooth and had just a hint of muscle to them and his biceps curved, broad and sexy but not hunky. With his black briefs visible against his lightly-tanned skin, his stiff dick a visible, desirable bulge below, Jack thought Charlie was perfect, and long to pleasure his body.Jack lifted off his own T-Shirt and cast it aside, revealing his toned and magnificent body. Charlie moved into Jack's bare, haired torso once again, and Jack said,"You want me to suck your chest?""More than anything," Charlie replied. He put his lips over Charlie's gorgeous, smooth nipple and sucked, licked his tongue against the stiffening surface, and gently bit. Charlie moaned a little as Jack's tongue danced over the surface and his teeth enclosed, causing just enough pain to make his dick stiffen and groan with the pleasure. Charlie laid a hand over his head, and reached for the strong, hairy chest with the other, where he tugged and played with Jack's own stiff nipples.As Jack pleasure one nipple, and then the other, Charlie little fat porn slipped off his shoes then unzipped his jeans little teen fucking to let some pressure of his crotch. Jack pulled off Charlie's chest and stood straight, and then removed Charlie's jeans completely, taking his briefs with them and releasing Charlie's six-inch, glorious penis to the air."You do the same, Charlie," Jack said. Charlie removed Jack's shoes and socks, kissed his gorgeous, hairy feet and then took down Jack's trousers, peeled away his tight white briefs and kissed Jacks' cock head. Now they were naked, unashamed - secretly together in the store room. Charlie began to suck a little on the head, but then Jack said, "Why don't we do that together? Lay down."Charlie laid down on the floor, which was hard and little girl tetas a little cold; he didn't care, though, because his entire focus was on Jack's perfect body, somehow friendlier than Sawyer's and more lovable. Jack stood over his him, knelt around his body, then lowered down his dick into Charlie's waiting mouth. Charlie took Jack's thick meat into his mouth, wet with precum and salty-sweet, while Jack began to suck on Charlie. It was mind blowing to Charlie, better than heroin: the sensations of taking little chicks your lover in your mouth, the hard flesh on your tongue, at the same time as hot, pleasurable wetness clamped around your own shaft, the soft tongue lapping and covering and pleasuring every inch.Charlie felt Jack begin to buck his hips as he deep throated his dick, and in return gently made love to his face. Anything Jack did, he followed, and soon they were lost in playfully copying each other's blowjobs. The only noises in the room were the moans of pleasure, muted by the love organs deep in the lovers' throats, and the soft clicks and rubs that came from the slippery fluids encircling them.He reached his hands over his head and grasped Jack's ass cheeks, firm and strong, squeezing them, feeling them as they went. His fingers, curious, reached over Jack's hole and gently probed it, curious and loving, as he began to timidly lower a finger down inside.Soon, as Jack's tongue flitted along the sensitive link of head and skin, Charlie felt his orgasm coming. He moaned all the more as his lover's tongue pleasuring him, so brilliantly, perfectly, an escape from the reality of the store room. Then it stopped."Charlie," Jack said.He took Jack's cock out of his mouth, and his fingers flew from Jack's hole. His mouth felt empty and unusual. He hoped he hadn't offended Jack with his curiosity. "What is it? Am I not doing it right?""You're doing perfect," he grinned, looking back. They were still in the sixty-nine position. "Will you fuck me, Charlie?"Charlie looked up at Jack's butt. It looked good, but his dick had never been into another man before. He was nervous, but so curious."Please? It'll be OK," Jack encouraged him."Course I will," Charlie concluded. He loved Jack's bear body and would do anything to please him. They sat up, out of their 69 position, and kissed deeply, cocks and bodies rubbing, giving Charlie confidence before Jack took to all fours. Jack was inwardly pleased that Charlie had finally reached the final stage of sexual discovery, and was about to fuck him at last. That sweet cock penetrating his own anal ring. That's what he'd really longed for all this time, and he had been patient. Now he was to be rewarded.Charlie felt a little awkward, but Jack helped him through. "Put a little saliva on your fingers," he told him. "And slide one or two... ahh that's right..." Charlie did what Jack told him, and lovingly fingered Jack with his first two fingers. He felt the hole quickly open, faster than his had done, so he put another little kdz xxx finger inside.He felt the ring of muscle in Jack's firm butt loosen and open up as he fingered. The slimy little boys sexe hot wetness fucking little child of Jack's ass was enticing to him, so different from women, and he longed to prove his love for Jack. Placing his hands on Jack's muscular back and leaning forwards, he asked "You ready?""I'm ready! Take me Charlie!" Jack moaned. His cock was stiff under his body.Charlie lined up his cock and inserted the head and a little shaft slowly into the hole. It felt good, the wet warmth around his dick, and he groaned a little, but it also felt strange. He pulled back and pushed a little further in."That's it Charlie," Jack said. "All the way now, all the... ah, ah..."Charlie pushed his cock all the way up the tight confine, his balls and pubes right up against Jack's body, hip to hip, and pulled back. It felt good. It felt so good. He longed to feel it again.He pushed once more, this time less slowly and with confidence. Again, faster, and faster and he soon built up a rhythm with Jack who pushed and pulled with him."Charlie, you're amazing," Jack groaned as he felt his cock clear out his passage way, hitting his G-Spot and pleasuring him.Charlie felt amazing as his cock rubbed up against Jack's insides and he fucked his lover, owning his ass and feeling his body beneath him. At Jack's command, he reached below his waist and whacked Jack off as he fucked him, the firm meat in his hand while his little russians pics own meat slipped back and forth inside.Soon an old little drummer girl familiar feeling rose up in Charlie's body as he fucked Jack on the store room floor. His body withdrew from the reality around him as he was whipped up into a frenzy of butt-fucking and jerking off - shy little teen he could feel his cock enlarge in Jack's inside track and the pleasure spreading down his crock, down the shaft and into the whole of his body. He quickened his pace, fucked with all his might and moaned, moaned like he hadn't ever before. Then he fired his load deep into Jack, cum bursting forth from the head of his shaft and squirting forcefully into his lover's openly receiving body.He felt the cum, slippery, fresh and warm in Jack's body slide over him as he withdrew and flumped onto the floor, exhausted and exhilarated. He had just fucked his first butt. Jack stood over him, jerked off his fat man-beast, his face beautiful and animalistic as his cum landed all over Charlie's body, which he rubbed all over his stomach and chest with his hands. He didn't know why, he just loved nudes little angel the feeling of his lover's cum on him. Now they truly were lovers, and forever and ever: Charlie just knew."I love you Jack," he said, sitting up and smiling."Love you too Charlie," Jack replied. He sat down opposite Charlie, on one side, and kissed him. Then Charlie moved his head down and kissed and licked all over Jack's torso, thinking of where his cum had been on his body just moments before. Charlie closed his eyes, drinking in Jack's body. It felt so perfect. Both men began to get hard again as Charlie gently ran his lips over Jack's torso, teasing his nipples, tickling his nose in Jack's bush of black pubes.He kissed the head of Jacks pulsing, eight inch dick and slowly drank up the fresh flow of precum oozing from it. His lips traveled down the shaft as he deep-throated Jack, taking in the flavour of his dick once again. He sucked and enjoyed his dick as Jack sat back, breathing heavily with pleasure and desire but saying nothing, letting Charlie do what he wanted with his body.Charlie played with Jack's hairy, hung balls as he sucked. He allowed his hands to travel Jack's thighs, manly and furry; his strong chest and stomach; his muscular, hairless back and his firm ass. He enjoyed feeling every part as he ate up Jack's manhood, slowly, savouring the experience. It was a long time before Jack came, and Charlie held it back by stopping the sucking at just the right time: he was so in tune with Jack that it was intuition - he knew when Jack was about to reach climax, and when it came it was equally as intense as before, and Charlie swallowed all of the cum Jack had to offer.When he had sucked Jack off in thanks, he got into his clothes again. As the couple dressed together, they were full of compliments for little thai porn each other, dedications of little teenie porn love and gentle gropes for each others' half-naked little nadia torrent bodies. Jack slipped into Charlie's black briefs, and Charlie dressed in Jack's white ones. Charlie stiffened once more as his genitalia sat where his man-lover's goods had been just moments before, thick, stiff and racing with pleasure.The time came to say good-bye, and Charlie embraced Jack in one last, deep, tongues-wrapping-around-each-others' kiss, and headed off up to the beach, satisfied. He set his determination to make amends with Claire, realising the hope and potential that love can put into your life. Suddenly, amazingly, The Island was now more beautiful and awe-inspiring than it had ever been.Feedback always welcomed, and always returned ;o) kgberrywritinghotmail.co.uk
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